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Victoria Falls Guided Tour

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View the magnificent Victoria Falls on a Victoria Falls guided tour. Experience the Smoke that Thunders either from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, or Livingstone Zambia. A must do activity when visiting Livingstone

A Victoria Falls Guided Tour is a must do activity when visiting Livingstone. The Victoria Falls are a natural phenomenon and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Victoria Falls are an immense 1.5 km wide curtain of water cascading over 100m into the Batoka Gorge. Around 550 million liters of water flow over the falls every minute.

Surrounding the Victoria Falls is a luscious rainforest, sustained year round by the spray created by the thundering waterfall. The plant species in the rainforest are rarely seen elsewhere in Zambia.

Victoria Falls Guided Tour from Livingstone, Zambia (US$45 per person)

There are advantage and disadvantages of viewing the Victoria Falls from Livingstone. When the Victoria Falls are in full flood, between the months of April and August, the Livingstone, Zambia side of the Falls is a spectacular sight not to be missed.

Exciting walkways lead to vantage points across a knife edge bridge. However during the dryer months between September and December there is very little water flowing over the Victoria Falls and viewing from Zambia may be disappointing.

During these months we highly recommend you view the Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls Guided Tour from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (US$70 per person)

The advantages of the Victoria Falls guided tour from Zimbabwe is there are more view points in which to see and photograph the Falls. You also get to see a longer stretch of this majestic wonder. During the dry months there is still a decent amount of water flowing over the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. When the Zambezi River is in full flood viewing from the Zimbabwean side is spectacular. However during these months the spray form the water crashing into the 100 meter deep gorge is intense. Be sure to take a rain coat if you do not want to be drenched by the spray.


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